This journal is designed for you to record your communication with God as you read the Word of God. Read 5 scripture verses a day – the focus of this journal is on the word “power”. Choose one Old Testament verse, one verse from Psalms, one verse from Proverbs, one verse from the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John), and one verse from the New Testament.

It includes 30 days of tracking your scripture reading and your prayers. Use the example pages for reference. It also includes a daily schedule to help prioritize the Kingdom of God as a first priority. Build up your prayer life, and use the scripture to memorize powerful scriptures to be ready to win the spiritual battle. Develop a good discipline and watch God do miracles in your life! Receive the Power!

We took every scripture with the word “power” found in the Bible, and listed them in an organized format. Use the 5 daily scriptures worksheet and write out each scripture verse into the allocated fields.

The word, “Power” appears in the Holy Bible 263 times in the NKJV, with 132 mentions in the Old Testament, and 131 mentions in the New Testament. The two books of the Old Testament that mentions the word “Power” the most is the book of Psalms with 25 mentions, and the book of Daniel with 14 mentions. In the New Testament, the two books that mention the word “Power” the most is the book of Revelation with 22 mentions, and the book of Luke with 17 mentions.

There are instructions inside the journal. The journal is laid out in a unique and easy to read format. More instructions can be found online on the official YouTube channel: @PowerTimeJournal - https://www.youtube.com/@PowerTimeJournal

The Journal is available on Amazon. Links for your language and country can be found on this page: https://powertimejournal.com/where-to-find-the-journal/

The meditation Journal is designed for new born Christian Believers who want to strengthen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The journal is designed to help the new believer be organized in prayer life, scripture and in application in daily life. The journal is also designed for long time Christians who want to kick start their relationship with God in a systematic, organized way.

The Journal includes the following: A Daily Notes Area, A section to write down thoughts, observations in life, What I am Grateful For section, Who to Pray for Prayer List, A scripture meditation list, and a daily hourly planner for 30 Days.

You can use a mobile smart phone to look up scripture, but keep notifications off. Mobile phones and other electronic devices these days are very distracting. Its best to use pen and a journal to write out your thoughts, prayers and dreams. Use the way the Apostle Paul and the early Christians used to write letters to each other.

Ideally, you will want to use the Journal first thing in the morning as your start your day. You will want to reflect on scripture and then plan and write your daily schedule incorporating the scripture into your day. Use the journal throughout the entire day. At night you can reflect what you got done, and what to plan for tomorrow.

Subscriptions will become available later this year. Stay Tuned!